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​​Last chance!

Ems/airmail from China. Layaway! LoongSoul event Doggy Dragon, DZ/DC event and sold out dolls or any other BJD. We're official dealer of 40+brands! More info

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DC Carol/Letitia 269$, face up 60$, blush+face-up 90$, 415$ - fullset

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DollChateau William

188$, face-up+blush A/B 60$,grey skin 20$,

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DZ Egg - 140$, 60$ make up, 20$ grey skin

Limited quantity we have from our orders

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Head 200$/480$, face-up 75$/80$, body 350$/590$


LoongSoul event Dragon separate order 160$

DZ Scorpio blank 199$, face up+blushing 90$, fullset 349$

White/Normal skin


Order Moon+Star -10% off 2nd BJD
Moon/Star 269$, fullset 359$

DZ Angela

160$, face-up+blushing 70$


DC Larry - without horns - with face-up and blushing - 330$

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DC Katherine/Madeline 239$,fullset+135$


Blank head 128$, face-up 60$, or doll on any DC adult body

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  Official dealer 

Of 40+ BJD brands, working since 2009. If you want to order BJD out of our catalogue - just mail us! We offer Spiritdoll, Souldoll, Ringdoll, Doll Chateau, Dollzone, AOD, Dreaming Doll, Doll Factory, 2d doll, Loong Soul, Angel Studio, Angel Fantasy, Miracle Doll, Doll Family-H, Doll Family-A, Telesthesia, Dragon Doll, NT doll, RS doll, Island, Dika Doll, Doll Legend, Kids Sky, Kiz dolls, Beyours, Only doll, Popodoll, Little Monica, Impldoll and many many others!


Limited dolls - max 3 months, all other dolls - max 6 months. 1st payment min 30% or 50$ 

If you found any BJD cheaper on other official dealer's page - mail us and we'll make you additional discount 2% from such price.

 Event and sold out dolls order

You can order some event or sold out dolls of BJD brands we are working with, please ask us if need more info. EMS and airmail worldwide shipping!